Art Therapy

Episode 34: Art Therapy

Kimberly Popolizio, Creator and director of i2Evolve art studio, share with Allison how art incorporated with Eastern Philosophies can heal trauma and help us to bring more self awareness and self love to our lives.

Show notes

Kimberly Popolozio of i2Evolve art studio in Red Hook, New York narrates how the gift of art and the approach within art therapy can help anyone to evolve and find solace in difficult times. Trained in trauma, crisis avoidance management, family and community support services, building resilience in children, and many forms of art; Kimberly with her husband Rob bring healing and happiness to adults and children with their free form and freedom style to approaching art. The strive to bring not only creativity but also valuable tools to self-regulate, increase self awareness, feel empowered and EVOLVE through art. Kimberly brings her genuine passion and high energy to this interview and will have you wanting to pick up a paint brush or stick of charcoal in no time.

Produced by Matty Rosenberg and Jennifer Hammoud @ Radio Free Rhiniecliff



Kimberly Popolozio

Kimberly Popolozio

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