I'm Still Standing

Episode 33: I'm Still Standing

Dr. Phillis Dewitt shares her story of surviving physical and sexual abuse, finding purpose in pain, and how her journey led her to give back and help others more than she ever imagined possible

Show notes

Allison chats with Dr. Phillis Dewitt, Author of the Self Help Book 'I'm Still Standing' shares her journey of recovery and finding purpose after surviving familial physical and sexual abuse, then fining herself struggling to survive free of her family by the age of 16 only to be a victim of abuse once again by foster dads, church leaders and even therapists. Her incredible story told with brutal honesty and a little snark, teaches us how faith can turn pain into purpose.

Produced by Matty Rosenberg and Jennifer Hammoud @ Radio Free Rhiniecliff



Dr. Phillis Dewitt

Dr. Phillis Dewitt

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