Healing Threads

Episode 8: Healing Threads

Master Knitwear designer Catherine Carnevale of Eleven Six, tells us of her pursuit to create a modern and ethical knitwear line that makes anyone feel fashionable, luxurious and comfortable through any season, experience or emotion.

Show notes

A good sweater can make us feel safe and loved. Catherine Carnevale shares with us her mission to create hand made, ethical items that can be worn at anytime to add that extra sense of luxury and comfort. She designs for women in need of a versatile wardrobe to suit any lifestyle of work, travel or play; and makes sure that each piece is created with care. All of her pieces are made in prestigious Peruvian mills where the commitment to achieve sustainability and care for both the animals and employees in Peru. Catherine creates connections to be timeless, work throughout any season and generations.

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Catherine Carnevale

Catherine Carnevale

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