Sedentary is the new smoking

Episode 35: Sedentary is the new smoking

Dr. Maureen Terranova former OBGYN and now lifestyle medicine doctor tells us how we can live longer and healthier.

Show notes

After 25 years of practicing as an OBGYN, her own ailment lets Dr. Terranova to seek out a new style of medicine and practice that would allow her to carry on caring for Patients. Maureen Terranova explains what her new endeavors in lifestyle medicine are, what is means to look at the whole body as a related system versus only one divided section in need of treatment, how physical health effects put mental health, and why we should all be open to new approaches in healthy lifestyles to extend our own health and lives.

Produced by Matty Rosenberg and Jennifer Hammoud @ Radio Free Rhiniecliff



Dr. Maureen Terranova

Dr. Maureen Terranova

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