Spice Up Your life

Episode 31: Spice Up Your life

Maya Kaimal, the founder of Maya Kaimal Foods, will chat about spicing up your cuisine and kitchen with approachable recipes.

Show notes

Maya Kaimal Chef, Author, Entrepreneur, Founder, Chief Culinary & Creative Officer personally oversees the creation and curation of her entire collection. Maya’s passion for food and cooking blossomed at a young age. From watching Julia Child’s The French Chef with her mother, Lorraine, to tasting her father Chandran’s vibrant South Indian dishes, coconut milk-laced fish curries, and tamarind-tangy lentil stews; Maya’s interest in food peaked. Her curiosity in spice, taste and cooking developed during trips to her father’s home in Kerala as Maya learned to cook with her Aunty Kamala. in this episode Maya shares how her life is dedicated to bringing traditional homestyle Indian flavors into your kitchen, how her products are created to pair perfectly with the food you already love and already know how to make. She also brings exciting news of her new cookbook available to everyone soon!

Produced by Matty Rosenberg and Jennifer Hammoud @ Radio Free Rhiniecliff



Maya Kamail

Maya Kamail

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