Welcome Home

Episode 47: Welcome Home

Doron Gild does not do portraits like the rest

Show notes

Doron is an Israeli born professional portrait photographer whose work is conveyed through a distinct cinematographic lens. Every project he embarks upon is meticulously organized, planned, executed and structured to give a strong impact.

In his portraits and commissioned work, Doron’s anthropological inquisitiveness shines. The people Doron photographs either fascinate him or simply inspire him to spend time with them. His subjects are protagonists, never idle, never surplus, ever present.

Each image is long before created in his head and regardless of the number of shutter clicks on the day, the search is for that one image. Nothing is accidental or left to chance. Doron is always acutely deliberate in his process ultimately creating beautiful imagery that deeply explores individuals and the space they live and/or work in, engaging the viewer’s experience of the story told.

Produced by Matty Rosenberg and Jennifer Hammoud @ Radio Free Rhiniecliff



Doron Gild

Doron Gild

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