What Kids Really Want

Episode 11: What Kids Really Want

What kids want from their parents and friends

Show notes

Who better than children themselves to tell us what they really need and really want in life?

Which is why I have decided to bring my daughters on for this show!

People tend to patronize children. Even after they ask them for their opinion.

I know we need to parent and teach our children how to become respectful and responsible adults, but I also believe that sometimes we need to listen to them.

Not only listen to them, but really HEAR them.

Join me tonight for adolescent insights from Ellavive Storm and Indie Chawla, my spectacular daughters.

I am certain that these two will touch your hearts, open your eyes a little wider and definitely make you laugh.

This podcast is hosted by Allison Chawla and produced by Matty Rosenberg @ Radio Free Rhinecliff



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